Competition & Digitisation Conference

Udgivet 05. december 2019

Listen to five speeches from the conference Competition & Digitisation. The conference took place on November 29th 2019 in Copenhagen.

"Digitisation entails great potential gains for productivity and competition, but there are challenges."


"The Danish Government is focused on supporting a well-functioning, responsible and fair society – also in light of the impact of digitisation."


"Competition in the Digital Age – new elements in enforcement."


"GAFAM (the five giant tech companies) are just too powerful and enforcement today is just not strong enough. YOU are the market and your attention is in the hands of GAFAM. That idea should guide the market definition."


"The world needs more aggressive and imaginative antitrust intervention. Antitrust need to be powered up – big time. We have unprecedented problems and we need unprecedented solutions."


"The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority has established a new Digital Platforms Division."